September 21, 2013

[REVIEW] Skinfood Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB Cream

Hello pretties ~

It's time for another BB Cream review. It's been a while since the previous one. About a month or so.... But I had my reasons / excuses not to do any reviews for a while. I mentioned in some post that my skin got a really bad breakout and it took me about 2 weeks to get rid of that. Though I still have a long way to achieve a perfect skin... My skin gets breakouts every month thanks to being a girl....

This time I'm reviewing Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB Cream by Skinfood. If you're interested to find out what I think about this BB Cream continue reading further ~ By the way this is 3rd out of the 12 BB Cream samples I have in stock. So there are BB Creams left to review. I hope I can review all of them before the year changes LOL I need to make some schedule. Maybe 1 BB Cream review every week?

Skinfood Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB Cream : A moisturizing and illuminating BB cream with sweet honey and flavorful red tea that keeps skin soft and supple. 
Try our Good Afternoon BB Cream Line. Infused with skin-revitalizing afternoon teas, it helps you keep a bright, vibrant skin tone all day!
Taken from Cosmetic Love site
This BB Cream has SPF20 PA+ (whatever the PA+ means... ?) and it has two shades: Light Beige and Natural Beige. Once again I don't know which shade this one was since I don't understand Korean. If I were to guess I'd say this one is natural beige? Please correct me in the comments if I'm wrong ^^


From the picture below you'll see what the full sized product looks like. The sample one has the same theme. I really like the look. It's sooooo adorable ;W; It really goes well with the Honey Black Tea name ^^

Only thing I don't like is the comic sans font which Skinfood seems to use in every product but somehow it looks good :OOO So yeah I don't mind seeing the font in their products :D

Picture from: Cosmetic Love site

You can buy this BB Cream from Cosmetic Love. The full sized product has 30ml and it costs $7.96 / €6.17. That's like the CHEAPEST BB Cream price I've seen in my life ! Product link here


The first thing that came to my mind was baby oil or baby powder... It has somewhat sweet honey-like scent to it. Also a bit artificial scent but it doesn't smell bad to my nose at all ~ It wasn't strong scent so I think this would be good for those who doesn't like strong scents on their face. But of course it fades away when the BB Cream has set on your face.


As usual I tested the coverage on my hand before putting this on my face.

The coverage isn't that good but it's not bad either.... On my face you can see that it definitely hides some of the smallest imperfections but it doesn't hide the redness that well... 


Here is a before after picture of my whole face. I tried to capture the pictures in the same angle but I didn't succeed D: And I'm not looking to the camera either... It was a bit too bright outside since I took these in front of the window to get the best daylight.

I think it made my skin look really white. Almost like a ghost LOL I should have put some powder and blush to make myself look more alive. But since I was testing the BB Cream itself I didn't.


Here's the result of my oil test on paper. I applied the BB Cream to my face at 4PM and had it on my face until 10PM. So about 6 hours ~

And here's how my face looked after those 6 hours. I think it blended better on my skin as the time went by hahaha ~ Or maybe it's the different lighting? These were obviously not taken in natural daylight....

On the paper it produced about the same amount of oil than the SKIN79 one but I think this looked more "glowy" than oily on my face after 6 hours. So I'd say the oil control is pretty damn good. I think that if I had used oil blotting paper this would've lasted for a long time on my face. Maybe at least 2 hours more?


+ Good oil control (at least I think so)
+ Mild scent
+ CHEAP !!!!
+ Cute packaging
(+ Good for those who wants to achieve a white and pale skin hehehe)
(+ Good for those who have naturally perfect skin)

+/-  Has SPF20
+/- Maybe this was a bit too light shade for me? (It can be changed with powder and blush however)

- Didn't cover that well
- Couldn't find out the shade of the sample anywhere in English. The full sized one might have it in English somewhere?
- Was a bit "rough" to blend on my face. I felt like I had to rub it in... (= it was somewhat thick and not as runny like other BB Creams I'm used to)

 RATING: 3/5  Would I buy the full sized product? If I find out which shade this one is and if I get to try the other shade as well then I'd might. Because it's super cheap hahahah XD

Thank you for reading my review. How did you like the review? Have you tried this BB Cream before?  Do you know which shade this sample was? Drop a comment below and let me know ~ ^^


  1. Most BB creams give sheer coverage. That's why I don't use BB creams because I need medium to full coverage for my acne scars. They also tend to have this grayish undertone which I don't really like. Skinfood is quite expensive here in my country though! I would love to try their products but I'm reluctant because of how much they cost here.

    Maxinne ♥

    1. I think BB Creams (Especially Asian ones) have usually good coverage compared to CC Creams. And I also like how my skin breathes more / doesn't cake up with BB Cream like it does with foundations...

      And I'd rather be grayish than orange :DD

      Here in my country you can't even buy Skinfood (or any other Asian products, except the luxury ones from Kanebo/Shiseido) so online is the only option for that.

      Thanks for the comment ^^

  2. Hi! I know this is a rather old entry, but I wanted to ask, do you know how much product is in the sample? I just got one myself and I was wondering how many times I can use it. Thanks :)

    1. I don't remember but I'd say it lasts 1-3 uses depending how much product you use at once. I don't have any tiny things where I could "save" the product and use later so I just used what I used and threw rest away... Kinda waste D:

  3. Better late than never, right? The shade on your sample was Light Beige <:

  4. Hi that's light beige not natural beige ^^ if you found it too white, natural beige might suit u more! :)

    1. Yeah I know it now :D Many have commented and said it ^^ But thank you ~


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