September 01, 2013

August Haul ~

Wow it's already September ! I can't believe how fast August went by. I had so many plans for August, including going to an amusement park and jogging more often but... I ended up not doing either of those ://

I guess the Autumn has finally arrived since it's pretty chilly especially during the nights so I've started to wear wool socks and warm and comfy clothes at home ~ I've also started to drink more warm drinks instead of cold drinks. I guess that's another sign that Summer has ended or ending soon. 

I don't know why but my skin got a bad breakout or something so I won't be doing BB Cream reviews until I've gotten my skin to better condition... It's not good to irritate your skin with new products all the time so I will try to wear as little make up as possible for a while. Wait, that's what I always do anyways !

Anyhow like the title says this is my August Haul post ~ Keep reading further if you are interested to know more ^^

// Wow, on jo syyskuu ~ Tässä on elokuun aikana kerääntyneet ostokset ~

Four Reasons 6.35 Chocoholic Warm Brown hair color | HairStore Sello | 8,45€
(it was 50% on sale!)

I still haven't dyed my hair with this yet...
I need to get a haircut first to get rid of my split ends and other dead hair LOL

Lumene Arctic Aqua Deep Moisture Eye Gel | Sokos Emotion | 8,90€

I ran out from my previous Eye Cream which was from We Care Icon which lasted for almost an year. However I didn't like it so much... I mean it was good but didn't make any difference to my panda eyes...

So while looking for a new eye cream I asked the shop assistant if they has something that would work against panda eyes. She said that this one should do it. So far I like this but I guess my panda eyes comes from my heritage so no products will work against them...

Clinique 3-Step Skin Type 3 Trial Kit | Sokos Emotion | 38,50€

I bought this one to try out. I've always been tempted to buy these expensive luxury items. I decided to buy this for myself as an early birthday present since I am running out from my current facial wash and toner...

When I asked the shop clerk "How long will this trial kit last?"
She answered "It should last around one month".

The product description says "Visible results in 2 weeks" so I am going to use these ones twice a day through September and see how they works for me.

These are freebies I got with the Clinique Trial Kit ~~
I decided to give the Roberto Cavalli perfume sample to my mom ^^ 

Lumene Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover | Anttila | 4,90€

As I am running out from my current Eye Makeup Remover by Nivea I thought I have to buy a new one.
I have used this one before as well and I like it a lot ~ The Nivea one I have still makes my eyes a bit red since I have to rub the makeup away T^T

Lumene Matt Touch Deep-Cleansing Mineral Scrub | Anttila | 13,90€
Lumene Matt Touch Deep-Cleansing Peat Mask | Anttila |13,90€

I love scrubs and masks ~ ! I still have some left from my current Peat Mask but I decided to buy a new one already before the current one runs out ~

A glass file for nails | Hairlekiini Entresse | 7€

I finally found a nail file made of glass ~~
Been hunting these for a super long time !  

Tangle Teezer | Hairlekiini Entresse | 14,90€

I kept hearing good stuff about these from my aunt, friends, bloggers, internet, everywhere...
So I thought "Can they be that good?". My answer: YES!
I'm never going back to a regular hair brush anymore hahaha ~

Garnier mineral UltraDry Antiperspirant | Tarjoustalo | 2,15€

My holy grail when it comes to antiperspirants / deodorants ! I don't know how long I've been using this. Maybe over 2 years now. Usually Garnier products doesn't suit for me whether it's a skin care, hair, make-up or any other product. But this one funnily works for me ~ I guess Garnier has something for me too

The newest number of Elle (Finnish edition) | Grocery Store | 3,90€

Bought it because it was cheap ~~ I rarely buy any magazines...

And a teaholic needs tea ~~ I started to fill up my tea storages with these 3 teas ^^

Nordqvist OMG Black Tea With Toffee Flavour
Forsman Tea Green Oolong Tea
Pirkka Rose Hip Tea

Besides these I also bought a bathrobe but I guess you all know what they looks like hahah XD I also bought a bigger memory card for my phone ^^

That's all this time ~ I'll leave you with this song from the latest drama I finished. It's from a Korean drama called I Hear Your Voice and I love the drama so much ♥♥ You should definitely watch it ! The video below might have some spoilers from the drama.

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