August 20, 2013

[REVIEW] SKIN79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream

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I finally had time to test one of the 12 BB Cream samples from my latest Cosmetic Love haul. Actually I tested this like few weeks ago but I was too busy and lazy to write about it. Of course I wrote down my thoughts of it on a regular paper while testing it (so that I won't forget my thoughts...) Anyways if you're interested to know my thoughts about this Snail Nutrition BB Cream by SKIN79 continue reading ~


- Whitening
- Wrinkle Improvement
- UV Interception SPF45 PA+++

Triple functions BB Cream that contains 45% of the Korean Snail Secretion Filtrate, it bestows sleek and lustrous texture to the skin by preventing skin damages and keeps the skin moist and healthy by forming moist protection layer.

Directions: Use a proper quantity on your face by patting it as the last step of skin care.


As I had the sample I can't say much of the packaging. The package of the sample was easy to open and squeeze out the product. There was a bit too much to use it all at once. Or then I just have a small face hahaha ~ Anyways I really like the look of the packaging. It's simple and has all the information needed in English. So a big plus from that :D


You can buy this BB Cream from Cosmetic Love. They offers 3 pieces of samples at the price of $3.62 if you don't want to buy the full sized version before testing it. The full sized BB Cream has 40g of the product and it costs $15.50. If you buy it now you'll get it at that prize. The normal prize is $19.37 so you'll save 20% ~~


The scent. Oh god I've never smelled anything as bad as this when it comes to beauty products. If I'm going to say how it honestly smelled to me, the word would be baby puke. I felt a little disgusted while putting this BB Cream to my face because of the smell. However as soon as it blends in to the skin and you'll let it stay the scent disappears. Thankfully.


To test the coverage I draw some lines to my hand with black, red, green and blue pens. Let's see how it covers ~

Looks pretty good coverage I'd say. Here is a close up of what this BB Cream looks on my skin. I have some (a lot) imperfections on my cheek/hair area on my skin... I should go to see a skincare expert someday. But they're so expensive D::


Here is a before after picture of my whole face. You can really see how it brightens my skin and hides them imperfections really well. I took these photos in a daylight right in front of a window ~ I think the shade is also very good for my skin. It doesn't make my skin look orange-ish or yellow-ish or gray-ish at all.

On the after picture I don't have any other make up than the BB Cream. I think it would look more "alive" with blush, lip balm and mascara of course. Excuse my eyebrows... They're uneven D: I hate how the other side of my face is droopy T^T


I did an oil test as well. I applied it to my face (as well on the paper) at 2PM. I had the BB Cream on my skin until 9-10PM so over 6 hours. On the paper there is a small oil ring after six hours.

This is how my face looked after 6 hours with just the BB Cream. I didn't use any oil blotting papers or facial mists. I also didn't re-apply the product during the test. The day was humid and sunny so my face tends to sweat a lot... And my face also produces oil a lot during hot summer days...

However while I had this BB Cream I noticed that my face produced less oil than usual. I was really impressed by this BB Cream ~


+ good coverage
+ blends well to my skin color
+ didn't make my skin oily
+ didn't need to use any make up
+ didn't need to re-apply or use any oil blotting papers
+ didn't make my face cakey

- smells really bad (but it fades away when applied)

 RATING: 4½ / 5  The only minus comes from the smell. Would I buy the full sized BB Cream? Of course !

That's it for this review. There are still 11 BB Cream reviews coming up later when I have time to test them out ~

How did you like this review? Have you tried this BB Cream? If so, how did you like it? Comment down below and let me know ~ ^^


  1. It looks good on you! But I it didn't work very well for me, the color is a bit too yellowish/orange for me =(

    1. Thanks ^^
      Too bad it didn't work for you ://

  2. Oh so nice than this product works on you. I´m not fan of Skin79 but is nice than thisproduct works good.Thanks for your review.

    1. I know ~ May I ask why you're not fan of Skin79? :OO

      Thank you for the comment ^^

  3. Thank you for making this review , I'm very curious about this product. By the way, I'm an Asian and I really love your skin colour .

    1. It's a good one to try out ~ And thank you for the comment ^^

  4. Wow!!! What an AWESOME review! I just ordered this product, I hope I like it! Have you tried Skin79 Super BB (Orange)? I am interested in that one as well. Let me know what you think!

    1. Thank you ~ I hope it suits you ^^

      I haven't tried it yet... I should test rest of my samples before the year ends hahaha :D


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