August 12, 2013

[MINI-REVIEW] Nature Republic Blackhead Brake Clear Charcoal Nose Pack

Hello |^・ω・)/

This time I'm doing a mini-review on this Blackhead Brake Clear Charcoal Nose Pack by Nature Republic. I got it as a sample from my latest Cosmetic Love haul but it can be purchased from Cosmetic Love as well. There are 2 options: one sheet which costs $3.70 or a pack of 7 sheets which costs $7.21.


The packaging is super cute isn't it ? I really love it ~ ^^ From the picture below you'll see that it can be used as a nose pack as well as on chin or forehead. I used it on my nose since I have the most blackheads on my nose.

The directions and ingredients list are also at the backside of the package. I forgot to take a better picture but I hope the picture below is clear enough...


I didn't actually have any expectations on this one because I haven't seen any results in any of the earlier samples that have come with my previous orders.

As soon as I put this on my nose I noticed it was too big and went pretty much to my eyes. So I had to cut it a bit with some small scissors. I was so scared that I thought I'd cut my eyes or lashes... (/;°ロ°)/


None I guess. I was expecting no results to be honest. I used the back camera (13MP) of my phone to get better quality pictures. On the "before" picture my nose was shiny so it looked smoother and better... I tried to adjust the picture to get some of the brightness away to make the pores and blackheads more visible but I didn't get it to work that well... Oh well.


+ Cute packaging
+ Good instructions and ingredients list

- Didn't fit my face
- Didn't give any results (but also didn't make my skin any worse)

Would I buy this product? Nope ~

 RATING: 2/5  Just because of the package haha


  1. Thanks for this really helpful review. That nose strips looks like a bad product. Thanks again for your honest review!

    Join to my Giveaway for Win an Etude House CC Cream!

    1. I think those nose strips might be useful if used everyday...? One use won't make any difference haha.

      And I'll check your giveaway as well ^^

  2. Hm... it don't looks that great, thanks for the review =)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, it's nice for me to know that I am not the only one react to bodyshop products too lol

    1. Thanks for the comment ^^

      It really bugs me because I always get blisters to my hands when I use The Body Shop hand creams and soaps T^T The scent and texture in them is so super good but I don't know why I always get an allergic reaction D:

  3. I tried this nose strip yesterday since I got it for free with some of my purchases. Personally, this is the worst nose strip I've ever tried! NOTHING came out of my nose and there was literally no difference. I don't have a serious case of blackheads on my nose, but there is definitely things that can be improved on it. Nope, I wouldn't buy this product either. :/ At least it didn't irritate my skin.

    1. Yeah T^T

      I think this might work better for those who have more blackheads and the ones that are more visible. My blackheads are pretty small and not so visible.


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