August 04, 2013

July haul ~~

Hello dears ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

Today I came to post some sort of haul of all the stuff I bought in July. I didn't include any food etc here though... I only included the "usable" products and clothes. And I also forgot what else I have bought so these are the ones I remember I bought last month (☆▽☆)

Vaseline hand cream from local grocery store. Price was about 2-3€ I think.

This is my holy grail when it comes to hand creams ~~ This is already my 4th bottle I'm using. I started to use this hand cream when they still had the old look in the bottle... So yeah I've been using this hand cream for a long time... 

Socks !
One can never have enough socks as they always gets lost, eaten by dog, broken or simply just worn out LOL.

The package had 8 pairs of socks even though the pic only has 7 pairs. The "missing pair" is a grey with dots ^^ The whole package was 10€ and I bought it from the "cheap paradise of Finland" aka Tarjoustalo haha. Literally. The name in English would be "sale house" or "bargain house" according to my vocabulary.

These following clothes I bought when I was shopping with Marika about a week ago ~

I mentioned in my previous post that I started jogging. I thought I'd need some sport-ish clothes as I had nothing else except shoes and a hoodie so I bought some ^^

Sports bra from Cubus 19,90€

Black and Blue basic tank tops from Cubus as well. 7,45€ / top

Dark Grey sweatpants from Cubus 19,90€

Since it's now August and summer is going to end someday I thought I'd prepare myself for lower temperatures by filling up my closet with some long sleeved shirts. These are also good for cooler summer nights and rainy days too ^^

I'm sorry for the bad pictures.... I should buy a mirror or get someone to take photos for me.... These clothes looks damn big when I laid them on my bed... :'DDD

A grey college shirt from Cubus 12,90€

A close up of the print ^^

Gina Tricot 14,95€
The dog is just so damn adorable that I had to buy it :'DDDD
I have no idea what the shirt says since I don't understand French...

Gina Tricot 14,95€
I really like the simplicity of the shirt ^^

A close up of the print ~

Some wrist-what-the-word-was-again... BRACELETS from Gina Tricot. All together was 16,95€
I realized that I don't use or even own any bracelets so I thought I'd try to get familiar with them.

And these I bought today from Sokos Emotion ~~

Anna Sui Flight of Fancy EDT 30ml 29,90€
Mavala Black nail polish 5,20€
Mavala Colorfix Top Coat 11,90€

And I'm going to end this post with the picture of my current nails. I tried to do gradient nails with yellow and green for the first time. I messed up at some points so I decided to add the golden glitter-ish coat on top of them haha XD I think they turned out pretty well though ~

How did you like my haul?
Do you have any tips on how to make better gradient nails? 

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