July 24, 2013

Recent music check up ♪♪

Hello ヾ(* ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄▽ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄*)ノ

It's once again midnight and here I still am wide awake LOL ~ The review I told you about in this post is going to take more time... Some of you might be curious to know what the product is and I'm going to say that it's something related to skincare ^^ I'm now testing it for the 2nd week and I think I need 2 more weeks to get the best possible results and to say the best possible opinion about it ~

In the meantime I'm going to test some of the stuff from my previous Cosmetic Love haul. Though I already used the sheet mask sample but I don't think it made my skin any better... I think it wasn't good for my skin so yeah... First time I was disappointed in some product...

And wow I just realized I have 40 readers via Google Reader. I'm really thankful for each and everyone who follows my blog ♥ Thanks ☆☆** v(o^▽^o)v**☆☆ Thanks

Anyways like the post title says in this post it's all about music ♪♪ I know some of my followers likes Asian music and if you're a new follower I listen to Asian music and Asian music only. Call me music racist I don't care eh eh eh eh eh ~~

So yeah without any longer blabbing I'm going to post some of my favorite songs that have been released recently ~~


I'm watching this video for the first time while writing this. This got just released yesterday about 6-7 hours ago (Note how I said yesterday since it's past midnight here...) I just love NIGHTMARE so much. They're one of my favorites and Yomi is one of the best vocalists I know. They are on the top of my list of the artists I want to see live someday.

Too bad it's not a full music video because they're under avex which _NEVER_ uploads full versions T^T Based on that 2 minute long video I can say that I loved it but it didn't become my favorite song by them. Who knows how my opinion would have been if I could see the full version...? 

Lee Jung Hyun - V

I am a huge fan of hers. It's been 3 years since her previous comeback song and I was so excited to hear this song when I watched the teaser for the MV. I really love her songs and before anyone compares her to Lady Gaga all I'm gonna say is "bit*h please Lee Jung Hyun has been making her music since the 90s". So yeah do not compare them.

The male star in the music video is an actor named Jin Goo. I loved him in Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek. Anyways I have seen this MV for about 5 times now and still it continues to creep me out yet it's so funny at the same time. I liked the song too but... It just wasn't nearly as good as her older songs such as Wa or Bakkwo. Though it might be because the song was in "parts" of the music video which was more like a mini movie which I liked. I wonder if there is a audio only song somewhere... ?

BEAST - Shadow

I've been following them since their debut and I really love their music style. I think this song is super good. It has the features that I can hear from every song: the rapping by Junhyung, the main vocals by Hyunseung and Yoseob and the BEAST-like background music. I really love their voices combined though I still don't know why Kikwang is my bias even though I can't hear when he sings. I mean I can hear the voices by JH, HS and YS but from the rest of the members I don't recognize their voices which is a shame. Okay I'm getting nowhere with this talk...

I'm so glad that this was this kind of song. To be honest I really didn't like their Beautiful Night from last year...

Shall we talk about the music video then? I really and I mean really loved the music video. I liked the way it fit the song name "Shadow" and I really liked how there were so many "ugly" stuff like snakes, spiders and skulls. Because of those it kinda reminded me about Jaejoong - Mine and VIXX - Hyde. Both are superb ! Anyway the music video was absolutely fantastic and artistic. I'd like to see more music videos like this one. I loved how Kikwang had red hair and it's easy to remember hahaha ~ And Hyunseung with his blonde hair when looked from the side kinda reminds me of GACKT during his Vanilla hair in 2003 haha XDD

Kim Hyun Joong ft. Jay Park - Unbreakable

I am a huge fan of SS501 and I'm forever waiting for a comeback... Kim Hyun Joong is one of the members in the group ~~ I've always liked his songs that were catchy, bubbly and cute. When I heard that Jay Park was going to feature in his song I knew it wouldn't be cute song... Jay Park is the artist whom I least expected to work together with KHJ. I don't know why...

After watching the video and listening the song all I can say is "WOW THEM ABS OMFG" ★ I knew Jay Park had abs like hell but I didn't expect Hyun Joong to have abs... He's always been like a cute one to me. I really like this song and MV ~~ I like how it's so masculine that both genders can like it. Men likes it for the masculinity while girls can ogle them abs :PP I really love it because of both reasons. The song is badass !

I hope you enjoyed this post while checking out some of the latest Asian songs with me ~ That's all this time. It's now 1AM and I'm going to sleep ♪ヾ(●ω●)ノ Bye !


  1. Oh really nice videos!
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    1. Thank you ~ ^^

      I'll check your blog too ♥


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