July 16, 2013

Just a little catch up ~

 Cara says hi to y'all ~~ ^^ Oh gosh she's grown up so much in these few weeks ♥

Got a shelf to my room ~~ FINALLY ! We've been living here for like ½ years now and only now I got a shelf. I was so busy with school (and I never had enough money left) to buy one... Anyways I got this tiny shelf for FREE from our neighbors ~~ Thank you ^^

You might be wondering why there's nothing in the lowest section of the shelf... You can see the reason in the picture above this picture XD Yup, the dog would eat all the stuff so I'm waiting time to buy some baskets or boxes where to put my stuff in. They're in my closet atm hiding from the dog XD I also need to organize the stuff in my room better. So far I've just... stuffed them to my room XD

And here are my nails at the moment ~~ I had to put 3 or 4 layers of the green so that it wouldn't be transparent... Not sure if the pictures are decent tho... The battery was running out in the camera.

I'm working on my review about one thing I ordered and it arrived today ^^ Not my Cosmetic Love order... It's still yet to arrive. I think it should arrive in few days ~ Anyways I'm going to post the review somewhere during next week so keep an eye on that 8D

That's all this time ~ Bye bye ♥♥ Meanwhile you can find yourself addicted to this song ^^

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