July 21, 2013

Cosmetic Love haul and new phone ~ ☆☆

Finally I did it ! I bought a smartphone ~~ 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 I got Samsung Galaxy S4 with 24 months payment LOL ! This poor jobless can't afford it otherwise... Anyways I feel I'm in love ♥♥ The phone is perfect but I have two things I don't like:
  • the battery has to be recharged at least every night... Is it normal for brand new phone..?
  • I can't use it with my nails... So far I haven't found any instructions to get it work.. Is there any way to get it work so that I could type with nails instead of fat fingers LOL
Ostin vihdoinkin itselleni älypuhelimen ~~ 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 Valitsin Samsung Galaxy S4:n 24 kuukauden maksuajalla... Ei köyhät työttömät muuten pysty hommaamaan sellaisia... Mutta joo, tuntuu, että oon rakastunut ♥♥ Tää puhelin on täydellinen. Ainoat asiat, joista en tykkää ovat:

  • akku tyhjenee nopeasti, ja pitää ladata vähintään joka yö... Onks se normaalia upouudelle puhelimelle..?
  • En voi käyttää sitä mun kynsillä... Ainakaan vielä en oo keksinyt mitään tapaa, millä saisin sen toimimaan kynsillä... On meinaa hirmu hidasta ja vaikeeta kirjottaa pullasormilla LOL

The camera is super amazing and all the pictures in this post are taken with it. It's better than my actual camera :'DDD I need to buy a new memory card though... Can't get far with my 2GB memory card I have... It's already full of music and there's not even 20% of my music in...  And some sort of neck bag thingy so that I can go walks with the dogs without having to worry it falling from my pockets...

Kamera on aivan upea, ja kaikki tän postauksen kuvat on itseasiassa otettukin sillä. Paljon parempi kuin meidän kamera itsessään :'DDD Mun pitää tosin ostaa uusi muistikortti... Ei tällä kahden gigan kortilla paljoa kuvailla, kun se on jo täynnä musiikkia, eikä siellä ole edes 20% mun musasta... Sit kanssa pitää varmaan hommata jonkunlainen kaulapussukkatsydeemi, jotta puhelin ei putoa taskusta ollessa koirien kanssa lenkillä jne...

pic from google
Anyway it's time to go through my newest haul from Cosmetic Love ~ I placed the order on 7th July with the normal shipping that has tracking number. It arrived to the local post office on Wednesday this week. So it took about 1½ week to arrive.

Ja nyt sitten mun viimeisimpään Cosmetic Love tilaukseen ~ Pistin tavarat tilaukseen 7. päivä normaalilla postituksella, joka sisältää seurantakoodin. Paketti saapui postiin keskiviikkona, joten kaiken kaikkiaan sillä meni 1½ viikkoa matkustaessa ympäri maailmaa.

The products were packed really carefully in a box and wrapped in bubble wrap in order to prevent the products from getting broken(^ー^)In the pic below I had already opened it and took all the stuff out and put them back in. Which means the bubble wrap isn't the way it was originally(゜Å゜川)I should have taken a pic before opening the parcel... Better luck next time 8DD

Tavarat oli pakattu todella varovaisesti pahvilaatikkoon, ja vielä kuplamuoviinkin, jotta ne eivät menisi rikki kuljetuksessa(^ー^)Alla olevassa kuvassa tosin olin jo avannut paketin, ottanut kaikki ulos ja sit tungin ne takasin... Joten toi kuplamuovi ei ole samalla tavalla, miten se alun perin oli(゜Å゜川)Olisi pitänyt ottaa kuva ennen paketin avaamista... Parempi onni ensi kerralla 8DD

Let's take a closer look at my order shall we?
Tarkastellaan sitten mun tilausta tarkemmin. En jaksa kääntää näitä seuraavia tekstejä suomeksi...

[TONYMOLY] Aqua Aura Water Bomb Sleeping Pack 120ml - $16.45

(25ml x 10pcs) $17.09 with discount of $7.11

It was a promotion so I ordered them 10 small bottles instead of one big bottle. Also because it was much cheaper... With the discount they were $9.98 ~~ There are 250ml and 500ml bottle options.

12 kinds of BB Cream samples from various brands - $6.98

I am going to test all of these and see if I can find one or more good BB Cream for my skin ^^
I think you can expect some small reviews about these ~ Otherwise I might forget how they works for my skin...

And the freebies/samples I got with the order ~~
I love freebies (*゜▽゜)*。_。)*゜▽゜)*。_。) LOL who doesn't?
I might do some small reviews on these too ~~

[Nature Republic] Blackhead Brake Clear Charcoal Nose Pack
[Skinfood] Watery Berry Blending Cream
[Etude House] Nymph Aura Volumer
[3W Clinic] Fresh Coenzyme Q10 Mask Sheet


That's all this time ~~ Thank you for reading ^^
If you know some good apps for android let me know hehe ~~


  1. Oh really nice and cute products sweetie!
    I´ll be awaiting for your reviews!


    1. Thank you ~ ☆
      I can't wait to try them ^^

  2. Oh nice! I'm thinking to get a the new S4 too!haha..
    the thing with smartphone is you can't open too many apps coz they'll decrease your battery and you have to charged it most of the time..

    and nice haul too :)

    1. If you get one tell me how you like it ^^
      Yeah, seems like it...

  3. Found you through the blog hop, new follower here :)
    What is wonder pore? Is it a toner? Man you ordered so many bottles, I bet that package was so heavy!

    1. Yay ~ ☆☆
      Yup, it is a toner. Though if you move it to a spray bottle it can be used as a refreshing mist too.
      It wasn't heavy at all... I guess because there were so many samples haha.

  4. Omg, that is a *lot* of samples they gave you. And great ones too! Like BB Creams!!! I'm so tempted to order now... but shouldn't. :3

    Lynn | Makeup With Tea

    1. Those BB Cream samples I ordered and paid ~
      They were some special campaign ^^

  5. I love Samsung phones so much! Right now I have the Samsung galaxy s relay, and it's working really well for me; but eventually I want to get the s4. I'm a new follower from the blog hop by the way :) I really like your blog- especially the pink striped background!


    1. I love samsung phones too.
      Thank you for liking my blog ^^
      I will check your blog ~

  6. i using samsung s4 too :D .. the camera quite great .. an very love using beauty camera hahah ,, so great haul :D

  7. yay skincare!
    my iPhone has a horrible battery life as well. sometimes it doesn't even last the whole day. i think i just use the internet and apps too many times through the day... i ended up buying a case with a built in battery pack that powers my iPhone when the normal battery runs out.

    Autumn | Mrs Gaeul

    1. I think I do the same... maybe i should just carry the charger with me all the time.

  8. Where did you get the BB Cream samples ??? I'm dying to know about it .

    1. It was a special offer for limited time on Cosmetic Love. They have special sales sometimes so you should keep an eye on their site ^^

  9. That's a lot of stuff! Anyway, were you able to buy a new card by now? 2GB is a little small if you have loads of music. Better get one with bigger capacity so you can store as many files.- Marko

    1. Yeah I bought 16GB card. It's enough for me :D


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