June 24, 2013

Recent purchases and nails ~

Moikka moi ~~

Tulin pikaisesti postaamaan mun viimesimmät ostokseni, jotka taitavat jäädä kesäkuun viimeisiksi... koska rahat on lopussa :'DD Anyways kaikki alla olevat on ostettu apteekista ja yhteensä rahaa meni ~25€

Here are pics of my recent purchases which are also the last purchase of June... since my money has all disappeared somewhere :'DD Anyways all of the products are from pharmaseutics / drug store / whatever the name in English is... All in all they were ~25€ together.

Hansaplast foot expert Anti Callus 2in1 Peeling cream for feet
Neutrogena SOS Cleanser for blackhead eliminating
(I'm testing this cleanser for the first time and I will do a review about it later)

Depend nail polish in 2 colors which I don't know the names since it doesn't read anywhere...

What the nail polishes looks on my nail with 4 layers...
So yeah these aren't the most covering colors. Maybe I should've put white base under them...?

And below are my nails from last week ~

That's all ~ Bye ^^

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