June 18, 2013

My TOP 10 K-Pop Songs of 2013 1st half ♪♪

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I thought I'd post my honest opinions of the TOP 10 K-Pop songs of the first half of the year 2013. There have been so many songs released this year so far and I have not heard all of them. I'm listing the songs in NO PARTICULAR ORDER since it would be far too difficult for me ♪♪

My list originally had about 30 songs but I decided to trim it down to 10 songs that I think are the best songs of this year so far. If I remember I will do another list of the 2nd half of the year in December. I guess I got to mark it down to my calender already (・∀・。)

GLAM - I Like That

This song by GLAM came out January 2nd this year. I think it was amazing way to start the year with a catchy song that gets stuck to your head like an earworm. I really liked that the music video and lyrics of the song glued together well. Another reason why I think this is so good is because it's not just a cutesy bubble pop song that the K-pop scene is filled with. It's a strong song haha ! This song is a good song to boost your ego I think ~

Nine Muses - Dolls

I always thought that Nine Muses is like an adult version of SNSD because... well both group has nine members. What a dumb reason. I love SNSD btw ~ Anyway I had heard about Nine Muses when they released News last year. I liked it a lot but I didn't know it was their song.

Then I saw the live performance of Dolls on TV and I liked it a lot. I think this song is also different from the usual kpop by girl groups. It has this funky jazz feel in it and I think it sounds really cool ~ Now I can really say that they're not another version of SNSD just because of the member amount. They're 9 gorgeous women who can sing ! I love how they can be cute and sexy without being slutty. I wish I had as long legs as they have.

TEEN TOP - Miss Right

This song came out at the end of February. When I first heard it... How should I say it? It was love at first hearing lol XD I didn't hear the full song that time. I only heard part of the chorus when they were posting many "TEEN TOP shake" videos to their YouTube channel. I really liked them being dorks in the clips and decided to check out what the song was. I always find myself liking and loving the songs produced by Brave Sound and this is not an option ~ 

Anyway TEEN TOP has really grown into my favorites. I'm so sad I didn't have money to fly to the countries where they had their concerts in Europe earlier this year T^T It sucks to live in Finland. If any Korean groups happens to see this: PLEASE COME TO FINLAND ~ !

Heo Young Saeng - The Art of Seduction

This song came out in the middle of March and I loved it as soon as I heard it for the first time. I have never thought Heo Young Saeng as my favorite SS501 member. In fact he kinda always was the member whom I tend to forget... But now he really proved that he's worth loving and I will not forget him from now on. As a die-hard SS501 fan I can't help but love this song. It has this funky retro disco feel in it ~ I'm sure all of you finds yourself dancing to this song haha ^^ The music video might seem cute but actually it's really creepy. The worst nightmare of every celebrity I'd say.

I'm forever waiting for them to comeback ~ Since Shinhwa made a comeback I know SS501 will make a comeback too !

LEE HI - Rose

I've loved Lee Hi ever since her debut last year. Her voice really is something and this song especially gives me shivers. It came out at the end of March and I've been listening it non-stop at school since then. This song was produced by YG's top-producer Teddy and I can say that this is the best Lee Hi song ever and maybe the best YG Entertainment song of the year.

The video is really cool and she's so beautiful. I can't believe she's 2 years younger than I am. She has that super deep voice and that overflowing charisma ~ And here I am still thinking what I want to do when I grow up... 

LC9 - MaMa Beat

This is the debut single by LC9 and it came out in May. I've been following them ever since they announced that this group would debut and thus I watched all the teasers and stuff. When I first saw this music video I was like "O.M.G this video is so stupid and dumb yet still so good!" and I still think so. It's one of the most unique music videos I've seen in K-pop scene and I love it. The song is what made me love it even more. They kind of reminds me of Block B mixed with B.A.P ~~

In South Korea this video is restricted from people under 19 because it might give bad influences to children. Not sure if it's Korean age or international age. I think they did right when their company applied for the age restriction instead of some big shot putting the video down. If they didn't do that I guess this video wouldn't even be released on YouTube or it might have been released as a soft version or something...

VIXX - Hyde

VIXX is another group I've been following since their debut last year. This is their 4th single I think. It was released 20th May this year. When I saw the teaser videos and pictures I knew I was going to love this. I loved their all other singles too ~ I have no words. I just love the song and the music video is disgusting yet super cute and great XD I think VIXX is one of the most unique groups I know ~~ I'm tempted to try their make up in the music video but I would look like... let's not think about it :'D

EXO - Wolf

When EXO debuted last year I didn't know what to think about them. Their songs sounded like cheap copies of Super Junior, DBSK and SHINee mixed together... So I was a bit skeptic when I heard EXO was going to make a comeback. Honestly I didn't think this day would come... I used to think that EXO wouldn't be anything if they didn't debut under SM Entertainment...

When I first time heard the leaked version of Wolf few months ago I knew I would like the song. It sounded so funny :'D Then they released the official version and yup, I loved it. I can't call myself an EXOtic but I really love this song. It proved me that EXO works really hard and that they're not just a cheap copy of other SM artists. I really hope they'll continue to impress me in the future too ~

BTS - No More Dream

BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, is a new boy group from BigHit Entertainment. 2AM and GLAM are also from the same company. Though technically they're all from JYP since BigHit is a subsidary of JYP Entertainment. I don't know what to think of the group generally since they only debuted. However I think they sounds really great. And great are their looks also ~ I don't know what they are singing about. The only lines I understand are that they're asking "What's your dream?" and stuff ^^ I should check out the lyrics ~

WonderBoyz - Tarzan

I know I said in the beginning that these aren't in any order... But this song has to be the best song of 2013 so far. I think this was released somewhere during May. I heard it for the first time few days ago and DAMN! I love it so much !

I found out about WonderBoyz last year when they released Open The Door. It was a trot-ish song and I really liked it. When I heard this song, Tarzan, I honestly had to check 3 times to make sure the group was the same. The songs are so different that I didn't think they were from the same group.

This song is absolutely amazing and I like the story in the video too. Unlike Heo Young Saeng's video that seems cute but is creepy, this one seems creepy but is super cute I think. I really like the story in the video. it took me few times to grow into liking the video since it seemed so creepy at first. I think this is one of the rare songs where the song name and music video are related to each other ~

I hope WonderBoyz gets all the love and recognition they deserves !

What are your favorite K-Pop songs released this year so far? What about the worst songs? Should I also do a list of the songs I liked the least? Should I also make a Japanese music version?

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