June 26, 2013

Living like a cat ~~

Helloo ~~

Today I came to post pics that have been residing on my phone since the beginning of the month... And also came to post the recent pics of my cats ♥ They've all grown so much ^^

Short explanations starting from the top ~

1. Sani had a little friend visiting at us ~~ His name is Pablo ^^
2. Was eating an ice cream while driving...
3 and 4. Went to get some Bubble Tea / Tapioka from the Railway Station while I was sending Aino back to her home few weeks ago. She had ice tea with mango and some other flavor which I forgot. I had mint-chocolate tea with mango and strawberry bubbles :D
5 and 6. Home food ~~~
7, 8, 9 and 10. Instant noodles, myself, cup of coffee and blog layout sketching ~~

That's all this time ~ Remember to follow me on twitter and tumblr too ^^ Though recently my internet connection has been slow and I haven't been able to reblog stuff on tumblr D:

How did your June go? What are you expecting from July?

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