May 28, 2013

Cosmetic Love order ~

Like I said in my previous post here's my 2nd order from Cosmetic Love ~

The reason why the order is so small is because I just needed to order new 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel by Nature Republic after my previous one ended (I'm not native English speaker so I don't know any better word to use...). It was 12,39$. Looks like Cosmetic Love has now special offer. All Nature Republic products gets 20% off until 31st May!

Since I had also some extra money I decided to order this Red Ginseng + Collagen Daily Mask by Etude House. It was 14,99$ and it has 20 sheet masks. I've been using them daily for 6 days now and I can say that my skin has gotten much brighter and moist than before. Don't know what happens to my skin after I run out from the sheet masks...

Freebies/Samples ~ 

Haven't tried the samples yet. I also got the 1st sample when I ordered from Cosmetic Love last year.

That's all this time ~~
Now I'm off to sleep! Got school tomorrow from 11AM to 2PM ^^ Bye

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