November 23, 2012

Buys from Cosmetic Love

Kuten viime postauksessa mainitsin, mun pakettini Cosmetic Lovelta on nyt tullut kotiin. Pistin tavarat tilaukseen 11. marraskuuta ja paketti tuli kotiin 20. päivä eli tän viikon tiistaina. Eli niissä meni 9 päivää tulla ~ Oon tyytyväinen, koska sivuilla luki, että toimitusaika on 10-25 päivää :D Jännitin koko aika, että jääkö ne tulliin jumiin, mutta eivät jääneet onneksi. Mä olin tosi yllättynyt, kun paketissa luki arvona 10$ ja, että se on lahja, eikä ostos. Oikeestihan paketin arvo oli jotain 50$ / 40€.

Like I mentioned in my previous post; my packet from Cosmetic Love has now arrived. I placed the order on the 11th and the packet arrived on the 20th aka on Tuesday. So it took 9 days for them to arrive ~ I'm really happy since the site said that it takes 10-25 days :D I was all excited and worried if the packet gets stuck in the customs but luckily it didn't. I was really surprised when I saw the packet and it said that the value is 10$ while in reality it was 50$ / 40€.

Pitemmittä puheitta, kuvat mun ensimmäisestä cosmetic love tilauksesta. Oon niin tyytyväinen noihin mun tilauksiin ja koko palveluun, että tuun tilaamaan tuolta lisää tulevaisuudessa ~

Anyway the pics of my very first cosmetic love order. I'm really satisfied for the stuff I ordered and the shipping and everything. I'm sure I will order more later ~


Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera Gel 92%
Paraben free, Mineral oil free, Artificial dye free
8,90 € / 11,39 $

I really love this one ~~ I use it all the time now ^^ From the pic above you can see how to use it :D You can buy it here.

Haha of course this wasn't the reason I bought this... XD Seriously it wasn't. I found these pics after the packet arrived ^^

this really shows how huge the product is :O

Lioele Be My Skin Powder Pact 4 Type
19,52 € / 24,99 $

I took Type 1 which is the lighter shade (21) for oily skin.

From the site:
The fine powder particles well cover up ugly skin imperfections and keep soft skins with both organic rape seed oil for moisturizing and patented ingredient of Phyto white for brightening.
Protect skin against harmful UV rays without any darkening effects.

I've tried this once and you can see the result in the previous post lol :D I look like a zombie... Maybe I chose too light shade for my skin...?

You can buy it here.


TONYMOLY Cats Wink Mascara
7,20 € / 9,21 $

There are 2 types of this: #1 Volume and #2 Curling. I took #1. 

isn't it cute ~~

I don't have a before after pic for this one since I haven't tried it yet... I'm waiting for my older mascara to finish before starting this one ^^ You can buy it here.


Freebies / Samples:
Prepare yourselves for some nasty pics lol XD

Trying out how it works ~ Of course no make up in the face... I look a bit bloated in the face because just before I took the pics I ate instant noodles :'DD

I really don't see any difference in these 2.... Maybe it would work better if I used it everyday? Maybe it made my skin look less oily...?

can you spot any blackheads? :O

Not sure if there's any difference on these 2 either... Except that it made my nose all red :'DD Rudolph the red nosed raindeer ~~

don't mind them dark circles D: god damn i want that mole removed X_X
I've yet to test these two samples ~ Though I'm sure there won't be any difference with just one try XD

Stay tune for the next episode post ~~~ ♥ 

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