October 28, 2012

Challenge ~

I got challenged by Eunji ~ Btw thanks for reading my blog ^^ I decided to answer this challenge because... I didn't have anything better to do and nothing else to blog about lol XD

// Ohjeet
- Jokaisen ihmisen täytyy kertoa itsestään 11 asiaa.
- Heidän tulee myös vastata 11 asiaan jonka haastaja on heille esittänyt.
- Esitä itse 11 kysymystä henkilöille jotka sinä haastat.
- Sitten sinun tulee valita 11 bloggaaja joilla on alle 200lukijaa ja haasta heidät (laita linkkinä)
- Näille onnekkaille haastetuille tulee kertoa haasteesta heidän blogin kommentteihin.
- Etkä voi haastaa henkilöä joka haastoi sinut!:)

//  Instructions
- You need to tell 11 things about yourself
- Answer to 11 questions that the person who has challenged you has given to you
- Also write your own 11 questions for those people who you are going to challenge
- Then you need to pick 11 blogger who has under 200 followers and challenge them (remember the link!)
- For those lucky challenged bloggers you need to tell them that you challenged them
- And you can't challenge the blogger that challenged you!:)

11 Things about myself

1. I love music.
2. I hate being cold all the time.
3. I eat a lot...
4. I've never had a boyfriend... yes... I'm 18 lol
5. I like to sleep. And that's why I'm always late from school n.n
6. I've been watching Asian dramas since 2008 and I don't watch TV anymore. Except The Simpsons :'D
7. I have no sense of rhythm aka I have no idea how to dance lol
8. I'm glad that I have pretty good skin (meaning that I don't have acne but my skin gets irritated a lot T^T)
9. I would like to learn Japanese and Korean someday.
10. I've been studying Swedish since 4th grade (2004) and English since 3rd grade (2003). Sometimes I feel like my English is better than my native language (Finnish). My Swedish on the other hand... well let's say that even my very limited Japanese is better. (Note: I've learned all my Japanese from anime and drama)
11. I don't know how to smile with teeth showing... I also don't know how to smile at photos at all.

Questions that I got from my challenger:

1.Where are you from? - Finland
2. Blue or Red? - Red
3. Gyaru or ulzzang? - Ulzzang
4. How tall are you? - About 166 cm
5. What's your favorite song and group/band/singer? - Oh god this is so difficult D::: One of the best among my favorite songs is Haru Haru by BIG BANG
6. Which country do you like better Japan or Korea? - At first it was Japan and only Japan but recently I've grown to love Korea too... If you ask me which I would like to live the answer would be Korea. Hongdae to be more specific ~~
7. Who is your favorite blogger? - This blogger has really great writing skills. I'm always rofling at her writing style :'DD 
8. When did you start blogging? - 2010
9. Do you have any animals? - 1 dog and 3 cats ~~
10. What do you hate the most? - I haven't thought about this... 
11. What do you love the most? - My family even though we fight a lot ♥

My questions ~ 

1. Why did you start blogging?
2. What's the worst grade you've ever got from an exam?
3. Do you like Asian music? Yes/No. Why?
4. What's your favorite food?
5. A person you look up to and why? They can be celebrities or not.
6. Facebook, twitter and tumblr - which one is the best?
7. What do you usually have for breakfast?
8. What's your favorite movie?
9. What's the worst movie you've seen?
10. Which one do you prefer: tea or coffee?
11. What song are you listening right now?

I'm challenging them: x x x x x 
I don't have anyone else to challenge....


  1. Interesting.
    I have tried to blog but fail at consistency.

    For some reason from the (very) few of your AC/DC posts I've read I would never have guessed you are Finnish. Good for you for your multilingual abilities!

    Do you want an answer to your questions??
    Have failed an exam or two in my time - usually not, though. Listening to certain kinds of asian music is helpful when working - since I don't understand the words! When younger I would have said Harriet Tubman was my hero, haven't thought about it lately. Don't know how to tweet or tumbl LOL! Don't have a breakfast routine, Favorite movie = many, but Sense & Sensibility and Matrix are two of them. Hate movies starring Chevy Chase. I like coffee. Currently listening to my kids goof off: music to my ears.

    Have a great week. XD
    PS, I tried to sign this with my livejournal id but not sure if it worked...

    - ZonieCatz (on livejournal & on AC/DC Forums)

    1. wow thanks :D my English writing is better than my speaking skills XD


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