September 30, 2012

TOP 5 Japanese Female Solo Artists

Yayyy ~~

It's time for another TOP 5 list ! This time the list is dedicated to Japanese Female Solo Artists ~~ It's been 2 weeks since my latest blog post and I've been so nolife that I don't have _anything_ to post. Which is why I'm doing this TOP 5 list now ♥ I ordered some stuff from zalando today but you'll find out more when my orders arrives to home !

5. Kuraki Mai
She was the first Japanese female singer whose music I found. I think it was 2004 when I first heard her music. If I remember correctly the first song I heard was Time After Time. It's also my favorite song by her. I really love her voice and she will always be special ♥

4. Nakashima Mika
Number 4 is Nakasima Mika. I found out her music in 2008 when I watched Japanese movie series NANA where she plays the main character. I really was dumbfounded by her song Glamorous Sky that she sang in the movie. Needless to mention that it's also my fav song by her ~ The lyrics are written by mangaka Ai Yazawa and the song is composed by hyde of L'arc~en~Ciel. Girugamesh also covered this but I like this version better ~~

3. Koda Kumi
Third one is Koda Kumi ~~ I found her music in summer 2011. Pretty late but better than never ~~ The first song I heard by her was Lollipop. I love how diverse she can be; from the sexy and seductive songs like Lollipop, JUICY and Shake It to the upbeat songs like POP DIVA and Whatchu Waitin' On to the amazing ballads like Hands. My fav song by her is Black Candy ~~

2. Hamasaki Ayumi
Number 2 is the jpop diva Hamasaki Ayumi. I think it was somewhere between 2008 and 2009 when I found her music. The first song I heard by Ayu was Marionette thanks to my friend who showed me one of her lives to that song. It wasn't the same vid that I linked but it was similar... My fav song by Ayu is Green. Man I hate how there aren't pretty much any music videos on YouTube because avex deletes them so fast. But there are amazing lives of Ayu ~~

1. Utada Hikaru
Number 1 on the list is the Queen of Ballads Utada Hikaru ~~ I found her music in 2008 when I watched j-drama Hana Yori Dango. Her song Flavor of Life was used in the OST of the drama and I absolutely loved it. Both actually. The drama and the song XD Anyway I really love all of her songs. Her voice is something really great and her songs are all so good. Her album Ultra Station is one of my favs. That album has many great songs ;___; ♥ The songs of her that have been used in dramas are always so amazing and emotional. My ultimate fav of her songs is Prisoner of Love that was used in j-drama Last Friends.

This makes you want to watch the drama right? That drama is absolutely amazing and one of the best dramas ever!

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