July 15, 2012

TOP 5 Korean Male Solo Artists

Hi ~~ I decided to post this now before I leave to my best friends house tomorrow. I'll be gone for about a week so no blog updates during that time.

Last one was Korean Female Solo Artists and now it's time for Korean Male Solo Artists ~~ Like with the ladies; I'm not including any group members that has solo albums to the list just to make it easier and more varied :D But without longer blabbing; let's start the list ♥

5. Seo In Gook
Oh god this is so difficult D: I had to left out Rain, SE7EN, Outsider and Eun Ji Won to make my list fit ;__; After 2 hours (yes. really, i spent 2 hours.) of thinking I decided to start this list with Seo In Gook. I think it was 2010 when I found out his music while I was watching Showbiz Korea from Arirang TV (too bad it doesn't work in this house i live now T^T same with NHK World Dx) At that time I heard his song called Take which is a cover from some song by some Norwegian band. I didn't like that song when I first heard it. But then it grew to me. Then in 2010 he released Saranghae U. I also didn't like that one at first time listening. I found it boring. But it also grew to me.

I was honestly thinking of putting Rain or SE7EN but I don't know what Seo In Gook has that made me put him before those 2 amazing singers... Anyway my fav song by him is Shake It Up. I just love the music video and random appearances by Norazo and Mighty Mouth XD Plus the song is really catchy and he's super cute ^^

4. Jay Park
I know I said I wouldn't include members from any groups... BUT he's not in 2PM anymore.. I'm putting Jay Park as number four. I found his music in 2011 when I saw the music video of Tonight on *surprise surprise* Pops in Seoul. I thought it was so cute music video that I used youtube to find out more his music. And as a result I found Abandoned and Star. I think they were also really amazing songs. After listening those I was sure he's one of my fav artists. And now in 2012 he recently released Know Your Name and it was also great. My fav song by him is Abandoned and here's the music video ~~

3. Ilac
Number three is Ilac. Never heard of him? Well, me neither. I found his music this year. I'm surprised I haven't heard of him earlier :O I'm also surprised that he doesn't have much info anywhere. I read somewhere that he was supposed to be the 2nd SE7EN but he didn't make it so popular... I wonder if he's popular in Korea? He obviously got the looks and skills too. Now back to his music. The first song I heard by him was Saranghae Saranghae Saranghae (I Love You I Love You I Love You) and I absolutely fell in love at first hearing. Then I desperately searched out more his songs and I was sold to his music. He's absolutely amazing !

I have absolutely no problem choosing a fav song... But I have 2 fav songs. What to do? *thinks for a while* Now I know! I'll post both of them since Ilac deserves that. First one is Goodbye Romance. It doesn't have a music video. I haven't found one...

2nd one is Woman ft. Koonta The beginning of the video is deceiving :'D Both of the songs are so different that I can't decide which one I love more.

Another singer whose music I found this year. He's TABLO and I know he's a member of Epik High. But I don't listen to Epik High so... I listen to his solo stuff. I have never even tried listening to Epik High... Don't know why... Anyway back to his music. The first song I heard by him was Tomorrow ft. Taeyang from BIG BANG. It's been about 4 months now when I first heard that and I totally loved it. Then few weeks ago I listened to his songs Bad ft. Jinsil and Airbag ft. Naul. I was amazed at his lyrics! My fav song by him now is Bad ~

1. Jang Geun Suk
KYAAAA~ Number one is Jang Geun Suk ~~ He's one of my fav actors and I also love his voice ~~ I absolutely love all of his songs I've heard. And he's hot as hell *W* Okay enough of fangirling... *serious mode on* I found him in 2010 when I watched You're Beautiful and damn I loved that drama. I've watched it now 2 times and now I feel like watching it again... where did my serious mode disappear... Where was I? Oh yeah! The first song I heard by him was of course from the OST of You're Beautiful. The final moment that made me love him was when I watched Mary Stayed Out All Night in 2010/2011 switch and damn my fangirl heart couldn't take that. The drama was so cute and what's better: THE OST !! I mean damn! All those songs are too much for my fangirl heart ;___; ♥

And when he released Let Me Cry in 2011 (i found it in 2012..) I was sold to that amazing voice that sings those great songs. I love his Japanese and Korean songs equally. My fav song by Jang Geun Suk is Let Me Cry ~~ And here's the music video ^^ This fangirl finishes this list before she posts too much spam XD


  1. I would say that Kim Hyun Joong and some of the artists you left out are far better than those on your list currently. Kim Hyun Joong is the best male solo artist in South Korea (he received the award) with a great personality and an array of talents. Hope you could give him recognition as well.

    1. I do know that he's amazing singer and pretty good actor too. But he's in SS501 which made me left him out. Plus SS501 is on my TOP 5 boy groups n.n

      Hope this made it clearer :D

  2. Oh I see but now he has turned solo! Haha thanks for the explanation though! (:

  3. YEEEEESSSSS / JANG GEUN SUK has the most appealing, mesmerising, hypnotical VOICE


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