July 13, 2012

TOP 5 Korean Female Solo Artists

At first I was planning to make a solo lists (Japanese and Korean) where I would list my fav solo artists but then I realized that once again I've got too many solo artists I listen to... So I decided to follow the regular pattern and put female and male soloists to their own lists. Soooo... Now it's time for my favorite Korean Female Solo Artists. I DID NOT include the ones who belongs to some girl group to make this a bit easier. Rest of the solo artist lists I'm going to write also now or tomorrow but I'll put them on timer since I won't be able to access internet next week.

5. Baek Ji Young
I had quite hard time to think which female artist should I start the list with... My choices for 5th place were IU, Baek Ji Young and Kim So Young (better known as her stage name Fat Cat). After a while of thinking I ended up with Baek Ji Young. I got to know her music in 2010 when LEDApple debuted. Now you're wondering why I'm bringing them into this? Well they made a remake of Baek Ji Youngs song named Dash. I loved LEDApples version so much that I decided to check out the original version by Baek Ji Young. I also liked it quite a lot. Then Secret Garden aired in 2010 and I watched it I found out that she sings one of the songs in the OST. That song was named That Woman. I really fell in love with her voice.

And now that she made a comeback with Good Boy I was sold. At first I didn't like that song even a tiny bit. But after few times of listening the song it kinda grew to me and now I love that song. All of those three songs I know by her are really different. If I were to choose my favorite I'd choose Good Boy. Not because it has Junhyung from BEAST. Actually I think the song might've been better without his part. Who knows?

4. Kan Mi Youn
Number four is Kan Mi Youn. I absolutely love all her songs I've heard. They're all so catchy XD And she's so cute. I found out her music in 2011 when she released Paparazzi. Then later same year she released Won't Meet You which I also loved a lot XD My fav song by her is Paparazzi ~~ Lol this was short introduction but no words can describe her ♥ This song will get stuck to your head XD

3. Lee Jung Hyun
I found her music in 2010 when I was watching this mix of DJ MASA. I thought she looked a bit similar to G-Dragon so I checked out her song Suspicious Man. I think it was really good so I checked more of her songs and liked what I heard. I think it's about a time she'll make a comeback. She hasn't released new music since 2010 ;___; I really hope she releases more music soon ~ My fav song by Lee Jung Hyun is Wa. I know the music video has bad quality but bear with it. She released the song in 1999.

2. BoA
At first I was thinking of putting BoA to number one but then I switched number 1 and 2. I first heard about her in 2005-2006 when I found DBSK and TRAX. She and TRAX were featured in DBSK's song called Tri-Angle. Then I "officially" found her in 2010 when she released Copy & Paste. For a while that was the only song I knew by her. Then in 2011 my classmate Saara told me to listen more of her songs. So I went home and searched out some of her older songs such as Eat You Up, Hurricane Venus and some of her Japanese songs like Winter Love and Bump Bump. My fav song by BoA is Bump Bump ft. VERBAL from m-flo and Teriyaki Boyz.

1. e.via
Woo it's time for number one ! Number one is e.via ! I really love her style and how she's so different from other Korean female artists. She's so underrated in her country D: I know it's because of her controversial lyrics but still. I read somewhere that in South Korea you have to be 19 to buy her albums. I was like "what the hell?!" Anyway I love her ^^

I found her music in 2010 when she released 삐까 Chu~! (Pick Up! U!) and I still remember how I first hated it XD But then it got stuck to my head and I was listening it all the time. I also remember reading somewhere that people were complaining about her singing "pikatchu" or something along that. Then on MSN someone linked me her song Shake. Despite the music video I think the song was really good. It was stuck on my head for a while.

And now that she made a comeback I really fell in love with her. I also searched some of here older songs like Hey! and My Diary. I really love her newest album E.Viagradation Part.1 (Black & Red). Every song is perfect ! No kidding ! I think my fav song by her is her newest one called Crazy Fate feat. ISU of M.C The Max. I even think that the music video is really good. She's so different from other Korean artists ~~

That's all for today ! I'm off to sleep n.n

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