July 03, 2012

TOP 5 Japanese Boy Groups

Finally it's time for Japanese Boy Groups !! I intentionally didn't include any jrock/visual kei bands to the list...because it would've been way too difficult T^T So I'm gonna make a list for them later ~ I was meaning to post this on last weekend but I was too immersed in the amazing world of dramas. I finished Queen Inhyun's Man and watched Switch Girl. Plus I also started Answer ~ Keishichou Kensou Sousakan. But now let's start the list ~~ This has been the most difficult list so far...

5. Teriyaki Boyz
I know they're not actually a boy group but... the members are boys (okay men) so I thought I'd put them in so that my list isn't full of pretty boys from Johnny's Entertainment... Plus there's a "boyz" in their name 8D ... Anyway I got to know their music when I watched a movie called The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. The movie itself wasn't anything special to me but I liked the song from the movies soundtrack. And the song of course is called Tokyo Drift. Then I googled the movie and found out who sang the song and went to YouTube and listened to it quite a lot. Then while googling I found out that one of the members, Ilmari, is half-Finnish and my face was like "O____O" I barely remember the names of the members... I haven't thought who would be my fav member... maybe Verbal. Don't know why... Anyway my fav song by them is maybe Heartbreaker. Had to use Dailymotion to embed the video since the official channel of Teriyaki Boyz had disabled embedding from youtube...

Teriyaki Boyz - HeartBreaker by bunharper

4. WaT
I was struggling between WaT and TegoMass but I ended up putting the first one since I've listened to them for a longer time than the 2nd one (and I didn't want to fill the whole list with JE) I don't know when I first found out their music... But I'm pretty sure it was in 2008 when I got into Japanese dramas and watched Gokusen (both of the members appeared in the drama at some point. Koike in the 2nd season and Eiji in the 1st season) I have no idea what was the first song I've heard by them. My fav member is Koike Teppei *fangirl scream* He's one of my fav actors. The other member of the duo is Eiji Wentz. He's half-Japanese and half-German-American. My fav song by the duo is called Hava Rava ~~ The song name is so funny and the song itself is really funny that I modified it a bit into HAVA-RAVA and that's been my username in different places for a long time now. This is one of the best songs to listen in the summer time ~~

Naanaanaanananananananaaaa ~~ Oh wait what? Oh yeah the third one on the list right? It's ORANGE RANGE ~~ I found their music in 2008 because of my first j-drama Hana Kimi. The opening song called Ikenai Taiyou was so catchy that I immediately had to find out what was the name and who was the singer. I don't have any fav member from the band..group..band.. ORANGE RANGE. My fav song by them is the same song I just mentioned above. It's also one of the songs that I listen during the summer ~~ The song itself makes me want to watch Hana Kimi again.. for the 4th or 5th time... Another great song by them is Hana. It makes me cry every time I listen to it.

Getting close to #1. But first is #2. I chose KAT-TUN to 2nd place of the list. I got into their music in 2008 surprise surprise thanks to 2nd season of Gokusen. Because Kamenashi Kazuya (Kame) and Akanishi Jin (Bakanishi) both acted in the 2nd season ~~ So I decided to see who those gorgeous looking boys were :'D Then I found that they're in a group named KAT-TUN and checked out their music. I realized that I had heard their music earlier too... Because I had watched Kame's drama 1 Pound Gospel right before Gokusen. So my first song by them was Lips because it was the opening to 1 Pound Gospel. My fav member from the group has always been Bakanishi but he's not in the group anymore... So my fav members now are Kame and Tanaka Koki. Ueda Tatsuya and Nakamaru Yuichi are on the "normal" stage for me and Taguchi Junnosuke is my least fav member... Anyway my fav song by KAT-TUN... after a long time of thinking... is Lips.

And finally number one ~~ Who would've guessed that ARASHI is my fav boy group? If you didn't... well now you know :D I got to know them once again.. in 2008 thanks to Gokusen 1st season. I totally fell in love with Matsumoto Jun who was in it. And then I found out who he was and so on. Found out he's in the group named ARASHI and checked out the music. Needless to mention who's my fav member... The one who I just mentioned ♥ My first song by them was Happiness. It was my fav song for a while but when I watched Maou (starring Ohno Satoshi from the group) and heard the song from its OST I was sold. So my fav song by the group is truth. I take your life forevaaaa you take my life ~~

That's all ~~ Next post will be j-rock/visual kei bands ! Look forward to that ~~


  1. my guess is right :P your no.1 will be Arashi :D

    1. Of course ~~ ARASHI will always be my #1 :D


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