July 10, 2012

TOP 5 j-rock bands

Now it's time for harder music since this TOP 5 list is all about j-rock bands. This one is REALLY difficult because there are so many amazing j-rock bands out there ! And many bands I don't even know :O But...yeah. Without longer introduction let's start the list ~~

This one was the most difficult to decide.. Since I didn't know with what band should I start the list. I had more than 20 bands where I had to take one band after one away to make the list fit 5 bands ;___; I had to left out many amazing bands; L'Arc~en~Ciel, Ayabie, MUCC, ALSDEAD, D'espairsRay, Dio - Distraught Overlord, exist†trace, VIDOLL, Alice Nine, Nightmare, ONE OK ROCK, THE KIDDIE, SuG and the list goes on forever D:

5. the GazettE
So after a really difficult thinking I'll put the GazettE to number 5. I'm sure they might have been in higher place if I had been at their concert. Needless to mention that rest of the 4 are bands I've seen live.. If I had seen more bands live I'm sure the list would've been even more difficult D;

Anyway I think I got to know the GazettE in...2007 or 2008 with Filth in the Beauty. I just recently (well.. in 2011) remembered the names of all members and I'm proud that I still remember XD I don't know who's my fav member.. and honestly I don't even care. I just think their music is so amazing. My fav song by them is VORTEX. I don't know why. I guess I was just really hyped when it came out in 2011 so I listened it all the time XD I can't find the music video so I'm gonna embed a live from J-MELO. They're one of the bands I so wish to see live ! I hope they'd release new stuff soon and announced a world tour someday ~~

Number 4 is DIR EN GREY. I first heard about them before I even started to "listen" Japanese music but that time I found them weird and scary. No wonder... the song I heard, or more like the video I saw, was Obscure XD I think it was in 2005 so I was on 5th grade and of course I'd freak out from that music video. I mean during that time I didn't even watch horror movies. And suddenly that music video appeared to my eyes on internet :'D

Then I found DIR EN GREY "officially" in 2008 with The Final and that time I didn't freak out but was amazed by the amazing voice of Kyo. I still don't remember the names of the band members except Kyo... My fav song by the band is DOZING GREEN. It just hits me to the spine. I was at their concert in 2011 and I wish to see them again. Because I missed a lot from that concert since I didn't have earplugs and pretty much all I could hear was the audience screaming and I had a terrible headache at the concert day D: But still it was so great to see them live !

3. LM.C
I got to know LM.C in 2008. The first song I heard by them was Bell the CAT or 88. I'm sure they wouldn't have been on the list if it wasn't for their AMAZING concert this year aka 2012. Before the concert I knew few of their songs and I was hesitating whether to go to the concert or not since I'm not a huge fan of them. BUT I'm so glad I went. Because the concert was SUPERB. Probably the best concert so far. After the concert I started to actually listen to them and now my fav song is Super Duper Galaxy. It was just so amazing at the concert ! The music video is really weird. In a good way. It always makes me happy XD

2. girugamesh
I don't know when I got to know them. I guess it was in 2008 or 2009. I know that the first song I heard by them was Owari To Mirai or Glamorous Sky. I don't know the names of the members except the vocalist Satoshi. I was at their concert in 2011 and it was great. I remember I cried a bit when they played Kowareteiku Sekai. That song is my fav song by them. I have no words about the song. The lyrics speaks for themselves. I also like how the music video is so simple yet beautiful.

1. An Cafe
Yup. An Cafe is number one ! They're my fav band. 50% because of their music and 50% because of the personalities of the members. I got to know An Cafe in 2008 with Smile Ichiban Ii Onna. (I remember it was after their concert in Finland in 2008 because I was cursing myself for not finding their music earlier. So I wasn't able to attend the concert in 2008. But then I got new chance in 2009 when they came to Finland again ~) I thought it was super cute song so I searched out more of their songs. My fav member of An Cafe has always been the bassist kanon and he still is my fav member. My fav song from the previous line up are Smile Ichiban Ii Onna and Snow Scene. From the current line up my fav songs are Ryusei Rocket, Cherry Saku Yuuki, Summer Dive and Natsu Koi Natsu Game. My ultimate fav song by An Cafe is Summer Dive because it gives me really great summer feeling ^^ I can't wait to see An Cafe again this year ! They're coming to Finland in November ~~

Are you going to their concert here in Finland or in your country?


  1. Screw you for putting The Gazette on number 5..

    1. Screw you for not knowing that people have different opinions :---))


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