June 20, 2012

[TOP 5] Korean Girl Groups

As the title says - here is my TOP 5 Korean girl groupsClick here to check out my other posts in TOP-series.

5. 4minute

I had a hard time to choose between 4minute and Wonder Girls and I ended up choosing the 1st one. I got to know them through their label mate BEAST in 2010. The first song I heard by 4minute was HUH. I instantly started to like them. My favorite member is Hyuna. My favorite song by 4minute is mirror mirror so here's the MV of the song.


Number four is SNSD or Girls' Generation. I got to know them in 2009 when they released Gee and Genie. It took me ages to learn their names since once again I didn't study them and for a long time I thought they all looked the same to my eye. But recently I realized that I can recognize all members ! At first my favorite member was Sunny because she was really cute, then my favorite was Jessica because I saw her acting in Wild Romance and recently after SNSD sub-unit TTS/TaeTiSeo was formed my favorite member now is Taeyeon. My favorite song by SNSD is Genie and here's the MV.


Number three is T-ARA. I've listened their music ever since they released Bo Peep Bo Peep in 2009. It was really catchy and I listened to that song _all_the_time. No kidding! My favorite member has always been Eunjung and she still is my favorite member. Though I also like Hyomin and Jiyeon quite a lot. For me it's impossible to choose just one favorite song by T-ARA since they have so many great songs. But since I decided to post only one MV per group I decided to post this one. It's from their third mini album called Black Eyes and the song is Cry Cry (Ballad Version).

2. f(x)

Getting close to number one ! My 2nd favorite girl group is f(x). I've been following them since they debuted in 2009 with LA chA TA. My favorite member has always been Amber. And I'm sure she always will be my favorite member too. I really love how she's really different from usual girl group members. And I also loved her collaboration with Taiwanese singer-actor Danson Tang. But back to f(x) and the music. My favorite song by them is their most recent MV aka Electric Shock.

1. 2NE1

And finally number one ~ BOMRATATATA! Who would've known that 2NE1 would be my ultimate favorite girl group? Well they are (just in case you didn't know it...) I got to know them in 2009 when they collaborated with their label mates BIG BANG for Lollipop. At first when I heard the song I was like "this is quite good" but the MV was quite a shock because of the bright colors :'DD After that they officially debuted with Fire and damn it blew me out. In 2009 they also released I Don't Care. In 2010 they released Clap Your Hands, Go Away, Can't Nobody and It Hurts (Slow). 2011 was the year when they released my favorite songs this far: Lonely, I Am The Best, Hate You and Ugly. My favorite member from 2NE1 from the beginning was Dara, then switched to CL and now I can't decide who's my favorite since I love all of them so much. And what comes to my favorite song by them it's I AM THE BEST~

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