June 23, 2012

TOP 5 Korean Boy Groups

Last time it was Korean girl groups and now it's time for boy groups ! This one is sooo difficult to decide since I would love to list 10-20 groups to my favorite groups ever. It's really hard to choose just 5. So without longer introductions here's my TOP 5 Korean Boy Groups.

5. Bye Bye Sea
I was hesitating which group I should put to 5th to start this list. I thought of Super Junior, TRAX, SHINee, DBSK, Infinite and Block B. But I still ended up with Bye Bye Sea. I just feel that they're so different from "mainstream" groups and they're also quite unique. The singer Namu (lol in Finnish it means candy/sweety) has really great voice and I like it. One thing I also like is that they're not "an idol" group. They're kinda ugly ducklings yet still really adorable. I first found out them in 2010 when I was watching Arirang TV. Pops in Seoul to be more specific. Then I realized that I had seen them in one drama and it bugged me a lot.. So I googled and found out that they were in Playful Kiss. The first song I heard by them was Proposal that was used in Playful Kiss. I haven't paid any attention to learn the members names except the singer so I don't know who's my fav member. And my favorite song by them is Devil from their 2nd Album called Pink Revolution. And like always here's the MV ~~ I think the MV is really good.

4. SS501
They were one of the three Korean groups that got me in Korean music in 2005/2006. The other 2 were DBSK and TRAX. That's also the reason why I considered those 2 groups to number 5 but since they're shrunk from 5 members to 2 members I didn't list them to my TOP 5 list. I don't remember what was the first song I heard by them... My fav member at first was the leader of the band Kim Hyun Joong and now my fav members are him and Park Jung Min. My favorite song by SS501 is A Song Calling For You. It's really cute and catchy ~~

I don't know when I first heard about them... Might've been in 2009 or 2010.. The first song I heard by them was either Man Man Ha Ni or Bingeul Bingeul. I didn't even know who the members were. All I remember is that the songs were catchy XD I think in 2010 when I was watching Pops in Seoul once again I saw the segment hosted by Alexander, Eli and Kevin. Then I realized that they're from U-KISS. So I started to search their info better and got into their music more. And also I got to know who was who. My fav members have always been the trio I just mentioned. And they still are my favs. Even though Xander isn't in the group  anymore. But I also like rest of the members a lot. My fav song by them is Neverland that came out in 2011. When that MV came out I remember I listened it all the time XDD

I got to know them in 2010 when I watched k-drama You're Beautiful. I totally fell in love with the singer Lee Hong Ki who played Jeremy in the drama. Then I once again googled to see if he acts in any other dramas and I found out that he's in a band. So I went to YouTube and listened some of their songs. And I was sold to the singing voice of Lee Hong Ki and to the whole band itself. I think it's not difficult to guess my fav member since I mentioned his name twice already. In case you missed; Lee Hong Ki. My first song by F.T ISLAND was After Love or Bad Woman. It's really difficult to choose just one favorite song since I love pretty much all of their songs but after 15 minutes of thinking I'll choose...Girls Don't Know. Just listen to the voice of Lee Hong Ki and you'll be sold to F.T ISLAND ~~

Finally number one. And it's no other than B-B-BIG BANG!! I got to know them in 2009 with their collab single Lollipop with 2NE1. They're number one because I love how versatile their music style is. My fav member has always been G-Dragon but after I watched their appearance on Korean variety show Strong Heart YG Special Episode I realized that it's impossible for me to choose just one favorite. Same goes for choosing just a one song... Because I love pretty much all their songs and they also have lots of songs to choose from ~ But my ultimate fav song by them is Lies.

On next part I'll post Japanese Girl Groups so stay tune ~~


  1. where's my teen top ! )-: ♥ okei on bigbangki ihan jees ;-D

    1. Jouduin karsimaan monta hyvää TOP 5 listalta poies D:
      Muun muassa: MBLAQ, Teen Top, TRAX, Super Junior, SHINee, DBSK, Infinite, Block B, BEAST, 2PM, 2AM, F.CUZ, ZE:A, B1A4, CN BLUE ja monta muuta D:

  2. ........hyvältä kuulostaa :DDd


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