September 24, 2017

August 2017 Empties

Time for August Empties ! I've meant to write this one about 2 weeks ago but I've been busy with real life so I haven't really had time to finish the post. I've had the draft on my blog for 12 days ! So without further ado - here are my August 2017 Empties. As usual if I've featured a product on my previous empties I'll link you to that post instead of writing about the same stuff again.

SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL OSiS+ Extreme Hold Hairspray (500 ml) - The best hairspray ever ! I don't remember when I've bought this exact bottle but I think I've used this for about 10 months or so. Rate: 5/5

BENTON Honest TT Mist (40 ml) - I bought this one to see how I like it because many people raved about it. I liked it but I don't think it's the best one out there. It's really nice to use on no makeup face but I personally think it's not the most ideal mist to be used on top of makeup. Rate: 4-/5

TROIAREUKE Troipeel H+ Cushion (13 g) - This is - hands down - THE best cushion I've tried in my life ! Only minus is that they don't make refills for this... If they made it'd be perfect ! I've done a review on this cushion. Click here for the full review. Oh and Cosmetic Love recently added Troiareuke to their section ! Might have to repurchase this one soon... Rate: 5/5

ETUDE HOUSE Berry Delicious Color In Liquid Lips Juicy #PK013 (3,5 g) - This one has been on my daily use ever since I bought it from Seoul last year. See my Korea Trip 2016 Haul here. I finally finished it and I loved it a lot ! I just bought two other shades because I want to test out more shades. The packaging is so nice too. Rate: 5/5

TONYMOLY Panda's Dream Eye Patch (2 patches) - I've featured this on my May Empties :)

GARNIER Mineral Invisible Anti-Perspirant (50 ml) - This one too.

MISSHA Super Aqua Ultra Water-Full Gel Serum (40 ml) - I got this from Bearel beauty box last year. I didn't really like this one. It was too greasy for my face and had too strong scent too. I used this mainly as a neck cream and for my elbows and whatnot. My mom however liked using this. At least she didn't complain and she actually finished this. Rate: 2/5

MONTAGNE JEUNESSE Cool-Eyes Anti-Wrinkle Eye Patches (2 x 2 patches) - I featured the anti-shadow version on my July Empties and this one is anti-wrinkle version. In all honesty I don't think these have any difference. Just different packaging IMO ! They both are so similar. Nothing special, worth the money and works when I don't have any better patches available. Rate: 3+/5

INNISFREE Green Tea Balancing Cleansing Oil (150 ml) - I think Innisfree cleansing oil has become a must have product for me. I change between Fresh and Balancing depending on which one is cheaper at the time when I'm ordering. I should order something else next time... Maybe? Rate: 4+/5

ETUDE HOUSE Soon Jung pH 6,5 Whip Cleanser (70 ml) - This was pretty good but it didn't really do anything. It was nothing special but it was really gentle on my skin. I preferred to use this as a morning cleanser. Just because. Rating: 4-/5

ETUDE HOUSE Soon Jung 10-Free Moist Emulsion (72 ml) - This one on the other hand has become one of my faves! I repurchased this just in time before this one finished. Even though the product is quite difficult to get out... I like the product itself a lot ! Rate: 5-/5

KLAIRS Rich Moist Soothing Cream (60 ml) - I bought this one in January and I finally finished it ! If I had used this one everyday I might have finished it ages ago but because I get distracted by other products I tend to switch products based on my feel and skin condition. This one was the savior of my skin during the winter and spring ! Rate: 5/5

BENTON Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream (50 ml) - This one I bought in March and I've loved using it so much ! I mainly used this one during the night time or on the days I was wearing lenses instead of glasses. Because my face tends to get sticky during the day when I use glasses... This one works perfectly under makeup as well ! But if you have glasses and your face just melts away for no reason - like mine does - then this might be a good choice for night use :) Not to mention the name says steam cream and that's what it is. It makes the product "steam" a bit or something. It's difficult to explain by words LOL Rate: 5/5

September 10, 2017

life lately 8/2017

Hello there ~ Autumn has officially arrived to Finland. I know it because it's starting to get colder and I have to start wearing beanie if I don't want to catch a cold. And I did catch a cold few days ago... Anyhow this is how the month of August went for me. 

My summer job is now over and so is the summer. Kinda depressing to realize that I worked for the whole summer and I didn't even get to enjoy summer to its fullest and now it's over... But that aside I'm applying to university this fall. I didn't get accepted during the spring application period so I'm applying again. If I get accepted to my first choice - which is different than what I applied to study during spring - I am going to be so happy ! I would really like to study this line and work in the future as well. But more about that if I get accepted :) Please pray for me so I get in this time !

On my day offs during August I was blessed with sunny days - for once - so I walked a lot with the dogs and tried to spend more time outside. In August we had a big thunderstorm and there were many trees that had gotten damage. I'm just so glad that no trees fell on our house ! My room is next to the forest so I'm always a bit scared that a tree might fall on my window while I'm sleeping or something... Am I the only one?

Not much to say about this. Mom and I baked ciabatta bread one day and they were so ugly. But who doesn't love freshly baked bread? And the food photo is what I ate one day when I was in charge of cooking the food for myself. I was home alone and didn't have enough money to order pizza so I just used whatever we had available. This time it was pre-marinated beef with macaroni and random slices of zucchini. Doesn't look that pleasant in the photo but it was edible LOL

And this is how the first days of September looks in my bullet journal. I added this to August photos because technically this belongs to a last week of August... And because I made this on the last days of August :)

September 07, 2017

August Haul (Sokos Emotion, Cosmetic Love)

Hello ~ I'm back with another monthly haul. This time I'm on normal time and not as late as usual - I hope? Anyhow today I'm here to show you guys what I've bought during the month of August :)

LUMENE Arctic Spring Water Enriched Facial Mist (100 ml)

I bought this one to try out because I've seen so many Finnish beauty bloggers rave about this. I personally think that it's nothing special. First off the spray system is weird and it doesn't spray that well. It sprays well when I spray it on air but when I try to aim the spray on my face idk where it goes - not on my face that's for sure. And the scent is quite strong as well. I'm gonna stick with my Avene water and Korean sprays. Not going to buy this one again unless they makes it scentless and makes the spray system so that it sprays continuously and not so that I have to pump the button like 15 times and none of that aims on my face... Am I using this wrong? Or do I just have some fail product? 

IROHA Nature Black Tissue Detox Anti-Blemish Mask (1 sheet)

I saw this one at the counter and checked out the inci and it didn't have alcohol in it so I picked this up. I used it this week and it was sooo nice ! Smelled so nice and left my face so bright and plump afterwards. Not to mention it fit my face perfectly ! I'd totally recommend this sheet mask.

ETTANG Peel Off Cup Pack (17 g)

This is why I went to Sokos Emotion in the first place. I read from Finnish FB group dedicated for K-Beauty that they are selling these masks in the stores. As a fan and supporter of K-beauty I had to show my support and picked up two of their cup masks. I think there were 4 or 6 options to choose from. I chose Peppermint which is for soothing & refreshing effect. Has teatree leaf powder and peppermint oil. I also picked up Calendula which is meant to moisturize and calm the skin. These were 4,50€ per one and online these are about 4$ so I'd say it's not THAT BIG price difference as usual but still it's obviously more expensive in Finland than online - not to mention if I were to buy this from Korea. But I'm more than glad to support K-beauty brands that are landing to Finland. Maybe one day I can buy Etude House and Innisfree products straight from the store? Maybe? I hope so :)

I ordered the whole line in travel sized products back in April and I really like them. I think my skin has calmed down a lot after I started to use this line. So I decided to repurchase the emulsion in travel size because it lasted for about 4-5 months in my use. I hesitated between full size and travel size but went with travel size because the packaging is hard plastic which makes it quite difficult to get the product out. So I always have to shake it a lot to get it out even tho this is still full. If it had pump I would've went with the full size.

I liked the toner as well so I bought it again. This one I bought in full size because I finished the travel sized toner in 2 weeks or so. I've already used about 25% of this. But I can only blame my cotton pads for soaking up so much product... Should buy better cotton pads again...

I've always wanted to try Laneige cushions and finally bought myself one ! It was on sale and comes with a refill also. So it was now or never LOL ! It's still 30% on sale as I'm writing this post so grab yours before the sale is over ! I bought this one in #21 Beige and I haven't even opened this one yet. I'm going to do a review on this and I just pray this fits my skin tone well. I have yet to even take the photos so that's why I haven't opened it. But I will do a review of this. Someday !

LOL I know I said I'd review this cushion - I still will - but I finished it so fast ! I realized that the photos I had taken weren't good quality so I have to take the before after photos again. And I like the product so I bought it again :) So wait for the review for this one as well.

I bought the one in #PK013 from Seoul last year (click here to see my Korea Trip haul) and I liked the product so much. I finally finished it so I decided to order two different shades to try out. This time I got darker shades for the upcoming autumn. I got the shades #OR207 Very/Berry Orange Drink and #PK014 Very/Berry Cherry To Go this time. As this line was 2016 S/S collection I think these are left only on online stores now. Maybe they will clear out these soon and make room for the new products? Anyway I personally really like these ! Just FYI the shades are actually darker and much more pigmented than the swatches on Cosmetic Love site shows. 

And the samples I got with my order. I'm so glad I got some samples of that Pink Vital Water Serum because I've wanted to test it but haven't wanted to buy it before testing. I'll have to see how the samples are and see if I want to order the product sometimes soon :) 
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